Very sweet people. Love the food. I always stop by when I'm passing through town.




Home of the best cracklins, boudin balls, fried pork chops and chili dogs! Go Chef Bobby!


That BBQ plate lunch was so delish. OMG. Everyone should try it! Awesome Job!


Awesome people run this fabulous store!


Freshest steak in town....


You can't help but get a warm feeling when you walk in. The owners Keno and Linda are the best. A good ol' fashion country store!


I've worked with several companies in my time, but experiencing one of my greatest is being employed at Southend. We've been blessed to have an employer who cares for his employees. Keno is heaven sent. He's understanding, fun to be around. He's sincere. He's so greatful and appreciates everything you do for him. He's an example of paying it forward. Always there to lend a hand to each an every person whom he comes in contact with. The laughter he brings to the work place is phenomenal. Never judges anyone and helps everyone in some way or another. We are so greatful for our customers and appreciates their shopping choice to be Southend. No matter how little the purchase, each and everyone is treated the same. Take the time in your day to stop by Southend and experience our appreciation we have for all our customers. Customer service is our number one goal. Don't forget to register for our giveaway. October 25th is approaching, don't miss out on the prizes we giving. Five years of business and you, our customers have made this possible. Thanks again to all our customers. Last but not least we have the best tasting cracklins and boudin in town. Please remember to go by our booth on Saturday for the UL game. Enjoy and be safe.